Lekotek is a unique learning and resource center and toy lending library serving children with special needs from birth to 12 years of age and their families. The Lekotek concept was developed in Sweden. “Lek” is the Swedish word for play and “Tek” means library.

Play is a natural way for children to learn and for families to interact. The Lekotek leader models play strategies which enhance both the child’s development and the family’s relationships. Various types of toys, including specially adapted toys, can be borrowed and used at home between the monthly sessions.

Playgroups are offered once a month to provide parents with the opportunity to network, and the child the chance to play in an inclusive setting.


The National Lekotek Center has created three videos about the services provided for children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism. Click on the playlist below to view them.


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The Lekotek/Compuplay program at UCP of NEPA is an affiliate of the National Lekotek Center. Click on the logo to visit their site.

The guiding mission of Lekotek is:

“To facilitate the inclusion of children with disabilities and developmental delays into the full range of family and community life. Lekotek uses family-centered play as the cornerstone on which to build inclusive environments.”