Our Services

Some programs have specific eligibility requirements. Please contact us for further information.

  • Our Adult Day Services, grew from a basic recreational program to provide activities along with a foundation for individuals to achieve greater levels of independence and community participation.
  • The Early Intervention program, which started as a segregated, specialized experience, moved on to provide integrated activities for children with and without disabilities in our facility and now provides support services for children in their own communities.
  • Lekotek and Compuplay, part of our service offerings for children with disabilities, utilize play strategies with adapted toys and computer software, respectively, to further the child’s developmental goals.
  • Home Services assists individuals in dealing with a variety of issues, and laws like IDEA and the ADA have strengthened its ability to advocate not just for what people need, but also for that to which they are entitled.
  • Residential Services serve people, many of whom previously resided in institutional settings, in agency-operated homes with full-time care and supervision, and with support services provided in their own homes or apartments.
  • Assistive Technology can help individuals access devices that were almost science fiction in the agency’s early days, but today help people with disabilities and elderly persons to attain and maintain independence and a better quality of life.