Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC)

UCP of Northeastern Pennsylvania serves as one of eight Assistive Technology Resource Centers for PIAT, Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology. UCP of NEPA is the designated ATRC for the following counties:

  • Bradford
  • Lackawanna
  • Pike
  • Susquehanna
  • Wayne
  • Wyoming

PIAT is a statewide program created to assure access to Assistive Technology to all Pennsylvanians with disabilities as well as to older Pennsylvanians. PIAT serves individuals with disabilities regardless of their age, disability, location or type of residence.

PIAT and the ATRC at UCP of NEPA provide:


  • Device Demonstrations- "hands on" opportunities for people with disabilities and their family members to explore specific AT devices and decide what may best meet their needs. Device demonstrations are available upon request, and can be conducted at a mutually convenient time and location.
  • Lending LibraryPennsylvania's Assistive Technology Lending Library a free, statewide program through which individuals can borrow different types of devices to find what works best for them.


  • Funding & Acquisition Assistance- The ATRC at UCP of NEPA can help individuals apply for Pennsylvania's Telecommunication Device Distribution Program (TDDP) which provides specialized equipment free of charge to eligible Pennsylvanians with disabilities that impede independent access to telephone services. The TDDP and other sources including health insurances, public programs, and non-governmental programs may help individuals acquire the AT they need. iCanConnect, the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program, will ensure that low-income individuals who have combined hearing and vision loss can access telephone, advanced communication and information services. Pennsylvania’s Assistive Technology Foundation, provides low-interest and 0% interest loans for individuals of all ages, income levels and disabilities to purchase AT devices and services.
  • Re utilized and Exchanged Equipment Partnership (REEP) - includes the REEP Classifieds a free, statewide service for individuals who want to buy, sell or donate previously owned devices. Equipment listed includes stair glides, adapted vehicles, wheelchairs, vision aids, communication devices and more. The listing is searchable by various criteria including distance. In addition to the classifieds listing, PIAT, through REEP, also supports a number of programs that repair, refurbish and then donate assistive technology to Pennsylvanians with disabilities. The ATRC at UCP of NEPA operates Pass AT On, an inventory of previously-owned equipment that is given to individuals who need it. Additional partners and their contact information is listed on the REEP website.


  • Public Awareness - Information and referral to help educate consumers about their choices of AT devices and service providers. The ATRC conducts and participates in events to help everyone understand the benefits and potential of assistive technology. Contact the ATRC at (570) 347-3357 to arrange for a program at your organization, group meeting or conference.
  • Training & Technical Assistance - For service providers to increase their AT related knowledge and skills to better support people with disabilities. For public and private agencies to develop and improve policies related to access to AT devices and services.

PIAT is the Commonwealth's Assistive Technology Act Program at the Institute on Disabilities, Temple University, funded through grants from the Administration on Community Living, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.