Will You GO GREEN on March 25?

UCP of NEPA would like your help honoring the 17 million individuals and their families affected by Cerebral Palsy on Thursday, March 25, 2020 for National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day.

It's simple. All you have to do is dress and decorate in green on Thursday, March 25. It costs $0 to participate.

Our #GOGREEN campaign will be on all our social media channels too.

Please show your support by posting a picture of you and your family, friends, team sporting your green attire, tagging #GOGREEN #UCPNEPA.

Did you know...
-17 million people in the world have CP.
-CP is the most common physical disability in childhood.
-There are four types of CP.
-2/3 of kids with CP walk.
-CP appears in infancy or early childhood

This just in... 
US Senate Declare March 25 National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day
Lackawanna County Commissioners Declare March CP Month

#GOGREEN for #UCPNEPA - March 25, 2019
What is CP?
There are four types of CP.
CP is most common physical disability in childhood.
17 Million have CP.
Kids walk with CP.

Our Go Green Supporters:

GO GREEN 2019 thank you!
Thank you to all our GO GREEN 2019 participants!
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