Day Training Program

Activities for young adults was the first service offered by UCP of Northeastern Pennsylvania. At the time, the service was comprised of recreational activities for those who had limited opportunities in that area. Today, the Adult Program helps individuals build skills to increase their level of independence and participation in society.

Each adult in cooperation with a family member or friend, agency staff and supports coordinator develops and follows an Individual Plan which addresses their needs and outlines their goals and recommends activities to meet those goals.

The center-based activity program provides a wide array of choices for adults with developmental disabilities. Educational activities and recreational opportunities are offered. Instruction and training in self-care and household management skills for those who want to increase their level of independence is available. Several work contracts enable the adults to learn vocational skills and earn money while remaining in the program setting to receive other services.

Transportation and other support services to take part in community activities are provided through the Community Options component of the program.